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Easterbrooks Adult Duck & Potato 15kg – Breeder Pack/Working Dog

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Duck & Potato dog food for allergies. Helpful in controlling and managing skin and digestive sensitives associated with diet.

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Product Description

Duck dog food for allergies

Easterbrooks Duck & Potato works well for one simple reason. It is a simple diet, nothing fancy. However it is nutritious, digestible and tasty! Duck is a lean, nutrient dense source of novel protein. Easterbrooks Duck dog food is also rich in selenium, B-Vitamins and zinc. In addition, potato is an easily digestible carbohydrate source, ideal for sensitive stomachs and managing allergies in dogs. Beet pulp is a good source of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre. This is important for maintaining normal digestive transit times and motility. In other words, it keeps your dog regular! So if you’re looking for the best duck dog food for allergies, look no further.

Duck Breast FilletsMany allergies in dogs can be seen as skin conditions. Dry, itchy skin. Poor quality coat, dandruff etc. With that in mind, Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids help to maintain healthy skin and coat whilst also supporting joint function.  In addition, added vitamins and minerals promote a strong immune system.

Of course, we think Easterbrooks Duck & Potato is the best duck dog food for allergies. However don’t just take our word for it. Read our happy customer reviews to help you decide!

Feeding Guidelines

All bags of Easterbrooks Duck & Potato dog food comes with suggested feeding quantities. However, these are purely a guide. For instance, the following factors can have an affect on feeding quantities for older dogs:

Easterbrooks Duck & Potato Feeding Guide

Easterbrooks Duck & Potato Feeding Guide

  • neutering. Neutered dogs should have their portions reduced by about 10%.
  • individual breed.
  • metabolic rate.
  • level of activity.
  • age of the dog.
  • sex of the dog.
  • ambient living temperature etc.

As a result, adjust feeding quantities as necessary. No matter how good a food is, too much is no good! For example, over feeding will usually lead to poor digestion and soft poo. Not to mention weight gain. Similarly, too little will affect their ability to maintain a healthy weight as they age.

Easterbrooks Duck & Potato working dog food Breeder Packs are designed for households with multiple dogs or working/sporting dogs. If you do not have working dogs, reduce suggested feeding quantities on the back of the bag by about 10%. Alternatively, use the guide above which shows the feeding recommendation for non-working dogs.  Remember, Breeder Packs are Vat Free so can be a more cost effective way to feed your dogs.

Duck & Potato Dog Food Ingredients:

Duck 36% (including dried Duck 27%, Duck fat 7%, Duck gravy 2%). Potato (31%). Peas. Beet Pulp (7%). Brewers Yeast. Linseed. Minerals & Vitamins.

Duck & Potato Dog Food Analytical Constituents:

Protein 26%, Oil 11%, Fibre 4%, Ash 8%, Omega 6 2.6%, Omega 3 0.5%, Calcium 1.9%, Phosphorous 1.2%.

Duck & Potato Dog Food Nutritional Additives per Kg

Vitamin A iu/kg 14,400. Vitamin D3 iu/kg 1,925. Biotin 145 mcg.


Also available in a 2kg bag:


Click here to learn more about Duck as a dog food ingredient:


Additional Information


15kg, 30kg (Save! 2 x 15kg)

8 reviews for Easterbrooks Adult Duck & Potato 15kg – Breeder Pack/Working Dog

  1. cormac
    Rated 5 out of 5


    Just wanted to say I’m really impressed with your service. Delivery was lightening quick, ordering was easy, my spaniel loves it, I can afford it but with no need to compromise on quality. I really am impressed and will be ordering again! Thank you. Thomas

  2. cormac
    Rated 5 out of 5


    Our two Jack Russel Terriers love their Easterbrook’s Duck and Potato. They’ve not eaten anything else since being rehomed with us. They are fit, healthy, a great weight – some thing our vet always comments on – and have had nothing more than routine vet treatment in the last 9 years. We live in the Midlands so having our food delivered is great too! Pop on to the website when stocks are low and within days stocks are replenished! Great food and great service! Thanks Cormac and co… x

  3. cormac
    Rated 5 out of 5


    High quality dog food with exceptional service! My cockerpoo loves this kibble and looks great on it!

  4. cormac
    Rated 5 out of 5


    I would highly recommend this product, my dog loves this flavour and it keeps him looking and feeling healthy! Cormac Lochrie

  5. cormac
    Rated 5 out of 5


    My German Shepherd has a sensitive stomach and finding something that doesn’t upset him has been a real battle. He goes mad for this one, we highly recommend it! Nikki

  6. cormac
    Rated 5 out of 5


    My staffies has a very sensitive tum and I have always fed her the Easter brooks duck and potato as its the only food that has agreed with her. It is very nutritious and of a high standard and unlike alot of other dog foods not full of the rubbish fillers, so you get away with feeding them less of it too! Ever since we rescued her at 5 months old we have been feeding her this. She has grown to be a fit and health ten year old. We often visit Pet experience for advice and to purchase other items and have found them to be consistantly helpful, knowledgeable and very pleasant. Would highly recommend. Monica

  7. cormac
    Rated 5 out of 5


    My sensitive Cockerpoo really loves this and we alternate with other flavours. She is better behaved with “grain free” and a fit, healthy weight and its easy Poo scooping!! Debbie

  8. cormac
    Rated 5 out of 5


    My snoop has a problem with food with rice, the duck and potato has to be his favourite. We have no more smell dog most definitely a wind free option. Stacey

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