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Val and Donna Lucas

10-day Residential Training – Perkins (Black Lab)

Main training issues were: Recall, Pulling on the lead, Heelwork, not coming back from distractions such as playing with other dogs.

“Both ourselves and Perkins benefited from the course. The Pet Experience were very helpful and they are always on hand to give advice. We would always recommend them.”

Jo Hunt

4-week Rehab (Residential) – Bertie the Beagle

Issues to be resolved were: Recall (which was zero!), chasing and follwing scents, possessive aggression to people (i.e. unable to take items away from him or go near him when eating), general disobedience and not listening to commands.

“We are now a lot stronger with Bertie though some guidelines have slipped to fit in with our lifestyle. We have and will recommend The Pet Experience to others – we cannot praise you both enough.”

Sara Shingleton and her rescue dog Padraig.

The following is an excerpt from a letter I received from Padraig (pronounced Porrig), an Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, on his return from a 10 day residential course to help with Separation Anxiety issues.

“Thank you so much for looking after me last week. I’ve been a really good boy since I got home. No barking and getting up as late as 8am! My mummy has even been able to go out for a whole morning without me! Love and licks, Padraig.”

Mr & Mrs Turner,

Greta the Doberman

“A great improvement in behaviour… Much better with young children and barks much less at uninvited callers. Appears to have completely lost her fear / annoyance at bicycles and cyclists!”

Patrick and Rebecca Gubbins

Tarka – Black Labrador – 8 months old.

Issues – pulling on the lead, jumping up at everyone, picking up litter, general over-excited behaviour.

“Hi Sarah, we just wanted to say you are a star and so is Tarka. You have made our gorgeous dog even more gorgeous! I did a lead walk this morning and she was perfect. No sniffing or picking up litter. We passed a walker and dog and we just walked on by. Last night she picked up an empty plastic drinks bottle and I shouted ‘leave it!’ – she just spat it out! And she hasn’t jumped up at us once. Thanks again.”

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