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Izzy & Millie – Springer Spaniel siblings – barking at visitors, barking at the garden fence, hyperactive, stealing, barking at people on walks

Hi Sarah just wanted to give you a quick update, things are going so well, we have the collar and it’s really working brilliantly, and there behaviour at home is 100% better already

Thanks Louise

Roxy – Boxer – excessive greeting, fear-aggression with other dogs, barking at strangers & visitors

Hi Sarah, just to say a massive thank you for your expertise and guidance today..already we have noticed a huge difference, we took Maya and Roxy out this evening with no issues and they have already got the the hang of ‘back’ when people come in and out..even Blaze knows what to do.. Looking forward to the puppy classes.. Thank you again.

With regards Sharon

Scooby-Doo – German Shepherd – excessive greeting, insecurity, growling at some people, dog aggression, recall issues.

Hi Sarah

Hope your well.

Just thought I would let you know Scooby is doing really well he is still good with other dogs out on a walk it is a pleasure to walk him now I don’t need to worry every time I see another dog coming towards me, and we have had no growling at anyone. Thank you so much for your help he is a different dog. I have recommended you to a few people I know.


Monty – Patterjack – dog aggression, excessive greeting, pulling on the lead

Hi Sarah,

Just wanted to give you an update on our Monty. He is fab! He has taken to the training really well, can do sit, stay, wait, leave, heel, go and down. Dan has managed to get him to wait for the go command before he chases after the ball. People in the park are complimenting us on how obedient he is every time we are there. He walks on the lead, next to the buggy like a dream, no more pulling me to the park!

He is quiet and chilled all day, he sleeps on his cushion and barely bats an eye when we come home. He even annoyed my mum’s puppy because after a while playing he wanted lie down and the puppy (Dave) is not used to that from Monty

We’re thrilled with how much more we can enjoy our Monty moo again!! Arthur loves getting in on the training action too!

Feel free to use any of the comments, we’re chuffed to bits!



Pudding – Yorkshire Terrier – insecurity, barking issues, barking at other dogs, recall issues

Hi Sarah,

Just a quick e mail as we know what a busy lady you are. We wanted to say a big thank you in helping us sort Pudding out. Barry has been wondering whether you have swapped her for another Yorkie when our backs were turned!

She is FAB. Does she pull on her lead? No! Does she yap at other dogs? No! Does she climb on the sofa? No!

Not feeding them before we go out certainly sharpens the mind & they all focus on reward treats for good behaviour.

I got her a new rope lead & it’s perfect, plus a bag of special treats.

Thank you again.

Our next quest is to have them off their leads within 6 months. With the help of the classes, we know it will be do-able.

Kind regards,

Claire & Barry

Dexter – Staffie X Lab – extreme jumping up issues, tail-chasing, hyperactivity, stealing things round the house, recall issues.

Hi Sarah,

Just wanted to let you know what a different dog Dexter is since your visit. He is so much calmer, we took him to the vet the other day and they were so pleased with him, they said he was so good and well behaved! He sat when i told him too, sat on the scales, laid by my side and didn’t make lots of noise like last time.

He is now much better when we come into the house, he is not jumping up at all now….He is a pleasure to have in the home now and i am really proud of him…

So just wanted to say thank you for your modification programme, i think the leadership rules have made all the difference and he has picked that up really quickly 🙂 Fingers crossed we have it sorted now and he will stay this good forever!!!

Oh and the lead is amazing- i think some of my friend may be purchasing them for their dogs!

Many thanks

Sharon and Dexter

Bear – Springer Spaniel X Wheaten Terrier – Excessive greeting, barking, dog fear aggression, stress & hyperactivity issues

Hi Sarah..

Just wanted to say a Huge Thank you.. Life is much much improved already and it’s only been 5 hours!!! And …I can’t believe how calm Bear is…. We’ve been for a long walk and I felt much more confident and Bear was a different dog.. I feel like I had therapy too!!

Thanks Again!!

Jo x

Tinker – Jack Russell Terrier – barked at the TV, barking & passers-by, hyperactive, excessive greeting issues.

Hi Sarah, Just wanted to update you that things are going well at the moment with Tinker, she is a much calmer and happier dog. Her behaviour literally changed overnight and within a few days all of the routines you suggested have worked for us and Tinker.

We have had one or two pushes back from her but so far nothing to worry about. She has not set foot on the stairs (never mind go up them) since the day after your visit, the same applies for the sofa!

Barking has dramatically reduced, now she barks when you would expect her too and 99% of the time stops when she is told.

Thanks again and we will keep in touch if we have any problems/questions and hopefully by April my working routines will allow Tinker and I to attend the next training classes.


Gloria Towner and Remus (Australian Cattle Dog)

“The counselling service was extremely helpful and friendly, it helped me to understand my dog’s psyche.”

Tracey Drage and Buddy (Jack Russell X )

“I found the whole service friendly and professional and would recommend The Pet Experience to others”

Amy Corben and Poppy (Yorkie x Jack Russell)

“Even in the first weeks we noticed a difference. We now have a very obedient and happy dog, the difference is remarkable. We’re totally chuffed to bits! Thank you.”

Merle Hull and Shep ( Border Collie )

“I am so pleased I was recommended to Sarah. She has been a real star…It’s as if I have another dog. He wouldn’t let you put his lead on and was very possessive. Now he has his lead on like a normal dog and we are able to take things off him. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who has a problem pet, she is marvellous.”

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