The Pet Experience

Hettie Harrower with Barry the Terrier X – After a Behaviour Counselling session for stress, separation anxiety and grooming/handling issues and vet phobia:

“Thought I’d drop you a line to let you know how Barry and me are managing the behaviour programme!

In just under 3 weeks Barry has made excellent progress and so have me and Sue!!  Barry now spends his night in his magical bed in the kitchen overnight with no protest at all. He smiles at me when I go in in the morning and is calm. He is jumping up a lot less, with the occasional reminder where needed. When I pick him up after work he mostly comes to greet me then goes straight to his bed!!

Barry is certainly learning manners when it comes to going through doors. He is nearly at the stage when he will automatically wait for the human to go through….

Barry’s stress levels have reduced considerably and he appears to be very happy and a lot more relaxed :)  This has also coincided with a change in diet back to Fish4Dogs and J Wellbelloved wet mixed in.  Barry’s bed is firmly his friend!!! He absolutely loves it and he definitely feels safe.(He likes the magical treats too!!!!)

..… Barry is gradually learning that he doesn’t need to follow people around although this still needs some work.

Grooming and examination is improving slowly. I can now hold his claws with the clippers in the same hand. Grooming does not seem so bad to him any more.

We have all been to the vets 3-4 times a week since our session. Barry doesn’t bat an eyelid about going in there now. He has even accepted a treat off one of the nurses! We are yet to tackle the vet table but he has been in the examination room. He is getting good at standing on the scales and he’s lost a bit of weight already!!

Friends and family are very supportive and I am VERY pleased with his progress to date…..Thank you”

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