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Monty – Patterjack – dog aggression, excessive greeting, pulling on the lead

Hi Sarah,

Just wanted to give you an update on our Monty. He is fab! He has taken to the training really well, can do sit, stay, wait, leave, heel, go and down. Dan has managed to get him to wait for the go command before he chases after the ball. People in the park are complimenting us on how obedient he is every time we are there. He walks on the lead, next to the buggy like a dream, no more pulling me to the park!

He is quiet and chilled all day, he sleeps on his cushion and barely bats an eye when we come home. He even annoyed my mum’s puppy because after a while playing he wanted lie down and the puppy (Dave) is not used to that from Monty

We’re thrilled with how much more we can enjoy our Monty moo again!! Arthur loves getting in on the training action too!

Feel free to use any of the comments, we’re chuffed to bits!



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