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Dexter – Staffie X Lab – extreme jumping up issues, tail-chasing, hyperactivity, stealing things round the house, recall issues.

Hi Sarah,

Just wanted to let you know what a different dog Dexter is since your visit. He is so much calmer, we took him to the vet the other day and they were so pleased with him, they said he was so good and well behaved! He sat when i told him too, sat on the scales, laid by my side and didn’t make lots of noise like last time.

He is now much better when we come into the house, he is not jumping up at all now….He is a pleasure to have in the home now and i am really proud of him…

So just wanted to say thank you for your modification programme, i think the leadership rules have made all the difference and he has picked that up really quickly 🙂 Fingers crossed we have it sorted now and he will stay this good forever!!!

Oh and the lead is amazing- i think some of my friend may be purchasing them for their dogs!

Many thanks

Sharon and Dexter

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