The Pet Experience

Tinker – Jack Russell Terrier – barked at the TV, barking & passers-by, hyperactive, excessive greeting issues.

Hi Sarah, Just wanted to update you that things are going well at the moment with Tinker, she is a much calmer and happier dog. Her behaviour literally changed overnight and within a few days all of the routines you suggested have worked for us and Tinker.

We have had one or two pushes back from her but so far nothing to worry about. She has not set foot on the stairs (never mind go up them) since the day after your visit, the same applies for the sofa!

Barking has dramatically reduced, now she barks when you would expect her too and 99% of the time stops when she is told.

Thanks again and we will keep in touch if we have any problems/questions and hopefully by April my working routines will allow Tinker and I to attend the next training classes.


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