The Pet Experience

My two Pointers will eat anything, so in an effort to cut costs, I started feeding them on a mid price £20 per 15 Kg bag of dried food. After 2 bags, about 2 months, I had dogs that were turning into maniacs; chewing the door frame, barking at anyone or anything, losing weight and generally driving us mad, and they were pooing vast quantities of soft, ‘not easy to pick up’ poo! Cormac diagnosed an overdose of Maize, which they were unable to digest properly. Following his advice, we immediatley switched to Easterbrooks Salmon and Potato and within less than a week, they became calmer, more content, less pooy dogs, although they have still not regained the weight they lost…..maybe I should try Maize! Thanks Cormac and Sarah, your advice has been so very constructive. Amanda

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