The Pet Experience

Faith Salmon and Buddy – Dalmation

“We took on a deaf Dalmatian 2 year dog who thought he was boss, suffered from separation anxiety, was stressed (paced around continuously and who was extremely aggressive to other dogs). We got to the point with him that we really thought we’d have to take him back to the rescue home, he was destroying our house, upsetting the neighbours with his barking and we really struggled to walk him because of his agressiveness. We decided we had to try one last thing, which was to get Sarah in. Well right from the moment she arrived there was changes in him, we didn’t realise we were reinforcing all his issues by how we were treating and reacting to him.

Within weeks of Sarah’s visit Buddy was like most other dogs, calm, well behaved, we can leave him in the house alone and now we can even let Buddy off the lead on every walk and he never ever even growls at another dog, it’s been amazing and Sarah most definitely saved Buddy from going back to the rescue centre. I would definitely recommend anyone with any behavioural issues with there animals get Sarah in- she’s absolutely brilliant!!”

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