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Barney – 8 year old Springer Spaniel – male

“We have had Barney since a puppy and over the years he has gradually got more and more aggressive with both ourselves and other dogs. 90% of the time he is a loving dog but the other 10% he was aggressive and unpredictable. We had him castrated to see if this would help when he was 4 years old but there was no change. It got to the point where we could not put him in the car or get him out again to go for a walk with out him trying to bite us. He slept where ever he wanted to (our bed or the sofa included) and we could not move him with out him trying to bite us. He was aggressive to other dogs (male / female, young or old). We knew that a lot of his aggression was as a result of how we were with him but it was now at the stage where we could not correct him without him biting us

We tried various classes, we tried other dog trainers and behaviourists and none of them could help. When the last behaviourist we saw said he was the most horrendous dog she had ever seen we were beginning to give up hope and we were considering having him put to sleep.

Then another vet recommended Sarah at The Pet Experience. Sarah was Barney’s last hope. Sarah’s home visit and subsequent help and advice has been outstanding. I appreciate some people are against the spray collar but for us it enable us to break Barney’s aggression and after only two corrective sprays from Sarah he no longer attempted to get on the sofa or bed. Sarah gave us a full brief on when and how to use the collar and we have only used the spray four times since. Sarah also gave us a great deal of assistance with other instructions and commands. With Sarah’s help for instance we are now able to use the ‘leave’ command in many different ways, it has enabled to go for walks without Barney being aggressive to other dogs (he walks straight by). He also now gets in and out of the car with the minimum of fuss.

All that said it did not happen over night and we still have the odd set back. However, with Sarah’s comprehensive written guidance and advice we have persevered daily. It has given us both hope for a very long future with Barney. Thanks so much once again for all your help and advice and ultimately enabling us to get our dog back!”

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