The Pet Experience
Jess – 5 year old Doberman with severe fear aggression towards other dogs

”Sarah I just want to say I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and patience with Jess. When I am not in the middle of the stressful situation with the other dogs in class and I sit and think at home I can see how much Jess has improved. She is so much improved once she knows the other dogs and settles. I admire and respect the way you do not give up,  in fact at moments its me who would give up and I am  somewhat ashamed of that.

I also admire the fact that you are open and honest about the use of the ecollar. I think many trainers who believe as you do would keep that fact a secret but you take the time to explain and stand by your reasons. Also the other people in your class do not make me feel  unwelcome and a pest. I think that is also down to way you conduct your class as the lead does come from the top. I hope you realise the good you do. So thank you once again I will try really hard to put your instruction into practise and give it my best. Yours  in gratitude, Doris with Jess

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