The Pet Experience

Bruce – Doberman – issues were: problems on the lead, eating everything off the streets, nervous of people and crowds, excessive mouthing, hyperactivity, chewing furniture.

Hi Sarah,

Just wanted to give you a quick update on progress thus far following your initial consultation.

Initial progress is that it’s a different dog, did someone swap him in the night – LOL :-)

His walking on the lead is massively different, after just a few days he needs very few corrections even on long walks, he now goes at a good stride, the hoovering has completely stopped and he really only needs correcting if he gets excited by other dogs (this isn’t too bad) or if he’s walked near or through a noisy crowd.

The mouthing has dramatically reduced, not completely stopped but certainly very good progress in the right direction.

He now lies quietly in the living room with 5 or 6 people with the lead on, still becomes over excited if you take it off, but quietens again if you put it back on so we’ll keep working on this.

We have bought him a few cuddly toys which he has great fun killing and then tearing limb from limb, but it’s better than the carpets or furniture.

Overall a very successful week, so thanks again for your help.

Kind regards

Chris – The Channel Guest House

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