The Pet Experience

Teagan – Border Collie – stressed & insecure, barked and screamed when owners left the room, recall issues:

Hi Sarah

Thank you so much for your visit yesterday and all your good advice.  We have been putting it into practice and I actually managed to leave the house this morning without Teagan having a tantrum!  I told her to go in her bed and every time she began to bark I made that tsk noise.  That happened about 3 times and then . . . Silence!  Wonderful :-) …  I let her off the lead in the meadows and, even though we came across another collie whose owner had a ball and slinger, she stayed close by and came back on the lead when I wanted her to.  She is already calmer and less stressy.

Thank you for your comprehensive report – we appreciate the hard work you have put in on our (and Teagan’s) behalf.

Best wishes

Jenny and Tom

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