The Pet Experience

Christov Brooks-Brown with Bailey the Weimeraner – 3 days after a Behaviour Counselling session for various issues, including seperation anxiety, stress and fear aggression with other dogs and strangers:

“Sarah, thank you so much for coming into our lives!!!!!!  You have no idea what a different dog he is since even Monday afternoon!  We have been totally committed to putting into place all your recommendations and it has been so positive. Bailey is so calm now – no more pacing. We got the stair gate but it’s not really needed as by extension of all the other behaviour stuff he doesn’t even try to come upstairs! Since Monday evening he has been shut in the utility room at night and no moaning whatsoever!  And no midnight loo breaks!

Muzzle: we’ve been muzzle training about ten times a day round the home. This afternoon I sat with him in the garden and he wore it for half an hour without so much as a sniff. This evening, his basket was in the front room with us. We settled him in then muzzled him during ‘the apprentice’ and he just fell asleep.  At dinner times he just goes to sleep in his basket while we eat. Amazing.”

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