Dry Dog Food – The Pet Experience

As a specialist nutrition centre we provide a wide range of hypoallergenic and specialist dry dog food. With that in mind, we also supply our own range of pet food to help simplify choosing the right diet for your dog in a market place that is becoming overloaded with many different options/ways to feed your dog.

Easterbrooks is our hypoallergenic brand and would be suitable for all types and breeds of dogs. Easterbrooks is a standard extruded food and is made in the same way as other hypoallergenic brands such as James Wellbeloved and Burns etc.

Teepee Grain Free is, as the name suggests our grain free range. Teepee is a steam cooked food meaning that the kibble (biscuit) is steam cooked at a lower temperature than the extrusion process. This lower temperature means that a higher proportion of fresh ingredients can be used. The lower cooking temperatures are gentler on the raw ingredients resulting better flavour and aroma compared to standard extrusion diets. Due to the cooking process, digestibility is also increased leading to lower feeding quantities and less poo to pick up!

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