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Teepee Grain Free food is the newest addition to the top quality line-up of pet food we recommend at The Pet Experience.

Teepee is our second, own-brand label of pet food and compliments our original food, Easterbrook’s. Both foods are naturally hypo-allergenic and can be very beneficial in helping to treat or control a range of skin/digestive issues. As the name suggests, Teepee is a grain free food and uses sweet potato as the primary carbohydrate source which has a lower GI rating than regular potatoes. Avoiding grains can also be very helpful in managing a variety of health issues.

With a minimum meat content of 50% (60% for puppy food and cat food) and a high proportion of fresh meat in the mix, Teepee is an excellent choice for fussy dogs thanks to these highly palatable ingredients. Added prebiotics (MOS & FOS) help to promote and sustain the good probiotic bacteria in the gut whilst linseed, vegetables/fruit and herbs make Teepee a highly nutritious and well balanced food. An important benefit of using these high quality ingredients is that they are more digestible and more digestibility means less poo to pick up!

The best bit though is the price….. With 2kg dog food bags at £9.99 and 15kg bags at £45.99 (£47.99 for puppy) the savings that could be made compared to other high meat content foods is substantial. Teepee cat food is £12.99 for 2kg. And remember, Teepee will have lower feeding amounts than the majority of other popular foods currently available meaning your bag of food lasts longer as well!

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