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What type of dog coat should I get?

Dog coats - An Optional Extra or a Necessity? At the time of writing, we are part way through December in the UK and winter is very much setting in. We have had the first couple of storms of the season. The temperature is dropping and the wind is picking up! In addition, the days are short and our morning…

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Which dog toys are the best?

Which dog toys are the best? We are frequently asked this question in the shop. You could change the word best for other adjectives like strongest, most durable, toughest, indestructible etc. The qualities of the toy are certainly a factor in determining 'the best' dog toy.  However they are not the only factor. It is important to consider the dog…

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How to calm a dog with anxiety

BOOM! Calming a dog with anxiety is more important now than at virtually any other time of year. As we roll into October, firework season is only around the corner. Halloween, then Guys Fawkes and before you know it, New Years Eve.... For millions of dogs (and many other pets!) this is a serious issue. There are many ways to…

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Dog with joint pain? Learn how to help ease their aches

Joint Pain in Dogs Dogs with joint pain suffer just like we do. However they cannot complain as easily or clearly about it! As a result, being aware of arthritis as your dog ages may help you to recognise the symptoms and provide some relief. There are many different medications and treatments available for arthritis in dogs. Some of these…

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How to get rid of fleas in your house?

'I have fleas in my house!' This is a frequently heard phrase in the shop and not one we like to hear. Fleas in the house are bad news! What's worse is that they are very difficult to get rid of once you have them. But why is this? Why doesn't the flea infestation die off as soon as you…

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What is the best hypoallergenic dog food?

"What is the best hypoallergenic dog food?" As you may have noticed, the articles I write are partly based on my experiences over the years in the pet shop. In that time, concerned customers have asked me a variety of questions. This questions though is one of the most frequent. Consequently it is a topic that deserves some exploration. However…

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How to get fussy dogs to eat.

My dog is such a fussy eater! 'How to get fussy dogs to eat?' This is a very common question we are asked in the shop. No matter what size or shape your dog is, we have seen examples of fussy eaters in all of them! But what makes a dog reluctant to eat? Firstly, is your dog is fit…

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Puppy feeding. How often should I feed my puppy?

Welcome to your new home! Puppy feeding is just a part of having a new puppy in the house. Getting a new puppy is a very exciting time! However it can also be a bit daunting if you are a first-time puppy parent. Whether you have adopted an older puppy from a rehoming centre or brought home a brand new…

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What should dog poop look like?

Soft dog poo or hard dog poo? The thing we talk about most at The Pet Experience is poo. Call it what you will, be it poop, stools, Mr. Whippy or the runs, dog poo comes in all shapes and sizes (not to mention colours and smells)! When it comes to talking about dog poo though, the one thing that…

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Can dog food cause itching?

This is a common question in the shop. Can dog food cause itching in some dogs? In short the answer is yes. Poor quality dog food, or a dog food that does not agree with your dog can cause skin conditions. There can of course be other reasons why your dog has a skin problem. However over the years I…

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Coronavirus Update – Delivery

Coronavirus Update Coronavirus support for those self - isolating, the over 70s and high risk groups. Free home delivery for essential goods. In order to support our NHS, our community, our customers and our staff during the Coronavirus pandemic and to facilitate the ability of the most vulnerable to self-isolate and stay at home, I am temporarily extending our free…

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Teepee Grain Free pet food now in stock!

Teepee Grain Free food is the newest addition to the top quality line-up of pet food we recommend at The Pet Experience. We put our name on it! Teepee is our second, own-brand label of pet food and compliments our original food, Easterbrooks. Both foods are naturally hypo-allergenic and can be very beneficial in helping to treat or control a…

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Rukka now in stock!

Rukka dog products are in-stock now at The Pet Experience! We have raincoats to keep them dry. Towelling robes to dry them off! Life jackets to keep them afloat and safety wear to keep them seen! Dog boots to protect their paws. Collars, leads and harnesses to keep them close! So whatever you need for your dog, we have a…

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Dave Cumber Vets Now Open!

Dave Cumber Vets (the last remaining independent vets in Weymouth) have moved to Link Park. They are located only a few footsteps away from the front door of The Pet Experience pet shop! As a result Link Park is now your one-stop-shop for all your pet needs! With free parking right outside both businesses you can drive right up to…

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