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Behaviour Counselling Testimonials

Izzy & Millie – Springer Spaniel siblings – barking at visitors, barking at the garden fence, hyperactive, stealing, barking at people on walks

Hi Sarah just wanted to give you a quick update, things are going so well, we have the collar and it’s really working brilliantly, and there behaviour at home is 100% better already

Thanks Louise

Roxy – Boxer – excessive greeting, fear-aggression with other dogs, barking at strangers & visitors

Hi Sarah, just to say a massive thank you for your expertise and guidance today..already we have noticed a huge difference, we took Maya and Roxy out this evening with no issues and they have already got the the hang of ‘back’ when people come in and out..even Blaze knows what to do.. Looking forward to the puppy classes.. Thank you again.

With regards Sharon

Scooby-Doo – German Shepherd – excessive greeting, insecurity, growling at some people, dog aggression, recall issues.

Hi Sarah

Hope your well.

Just thought I would let you know Scooby is doing really well he is still good with other dogs out on a walk it is a pleasure to walk him now I don’t need to worry every time I see another dog coming towards me, and we have had no growling at anyone. Thank you so much for your help he is a different dog. I have recommended you to a few people I know.


Monty – Patterjack – dog aggression, excessive greeting, pulling on the lead

Hi Sarah,

Just wanted to give you an update on our Monty. He is fab! He has taken to the training really well, can do sit, stay, wait, leave, heel, go and down. Dan has managed to get him to wait for the go command before he chases after the ball. People in the park are complimenting us on how obedient he is every time we are there. He walks on the lead, next to the buggy like a dream, no more pulling me to the park!

He is quiet and chilled all day, he sleeps on his cushion and barely bats an eye when we come home. He even annoyed my mum’s puppy because after a while playing he wanted lie down and the puppy (Dave) is not used to that from Monty

We’re thrilled with how much more we can enjoy our Monty moo again!! Arthur loves getting in on the training action too!

Feel free to use any of the comments, we’re chuffed to bits!



Pudding – Yorkshire Terrier – insecurity, barking issues, barking at other dogs, recall issues

Hi Sarah,

Just a quick e mail as we know what a busy lady you are. We wanted to say a big thank you in helping us sort Pudding out. Barry has been wondering whether you have swapped her for another Yorkie when our backs were turned!

She is FAB. Does she pull on her lead? No! Does she yap at other dogs? No! Does she climb on the sofa? No!

Not feeding them before we go out certainly sharpens the mind & they all focus on reward treats for good behaviour.

I got her a new rope lead & it’s perfect, plus a bag of special treats.

Thank you again.

Our next quest is to have them off their leads within 6 months. With the help of the classes, we know it will be do-able.

Kind regards,

Claire & Barry

Dexter – Staffie X Lab – extreme jumping up issues, tail-chasing, hyperactivity, stealing things round the house, recall issues.

Hi Sarah,

Just wanted to let you know what a different dog Dexter is since your visit. He is so much calmer, we took him to the vet the other day and they were so pleased with him, they said he was so good and well behaved! He sat when i told him too, sat on the scales, laid by my side and didn’t make lots of noise like last time.

He is now much better when we come into the house, he is not jumping up at all now….He is a pleasure to have in the home now and i am really proud of him…

So just wanted to say thank you for your modification programme, i think the leadership rules have made all the difference and he has picked that up really quickly 🙂 Fingers crossed we have it sorted now and he will stay this good forever!!!

Oh and the lead is amazing- i think some of my friend may be purchasing them for their dogs!

Many thanks

Sharon and Dexter

Bear – Springer Spaniel X Wheaten Terrier – Excessive greeting, barking, dog fear aggression, stress & hyperactivity issues

Hi Sarah..

Just wanted to say a Huge Thank you.. Life is much much improved already and it’s only been 5 hours!!! And …I can’t believe how calm Bear is…. We’ve been for a long walk and I felt much more confident and Bear was a different dog.. I feel like I had therapy too!!

Thanks Again!!

Jo x

Tinker – Jack Russell Terrier – barked at the TV, barking & passers-by, hyperactive, excessive greeting issues.

Hi Sarah, Just wanted to update you that things are going well at the moment with Tinker, she is a much calmer and happier dog. Her behaviour literally changed overnight and within a few days all of the routines you suggested have worked for us and Tinker.

We have had one or two pushes back from her but so far nothing to worry about. She has not set foot on the stairs (never mind go up them) since the day after your visit, the same applies for the sofa!

Barking has dramatically reduced, now she barks when you would expect her too and 99% of the time stops when she is told.

Thanks again and we will keep in touch if we have any problems/questions and hopefully by April my working routines will allow Tinker and I to attend the next training classes.


Gloria Towner and Remus (Australian Cattle Dog)

“The counselling service was extremely helpful and friendly, it helped me to understand my dog’s psyche.”

Tracey Drage and Buddy (Jack Russell X )

“I found the whole service friendly and professional and would recommend The Pet Experience to others”

Amy Corben and Poppy (Yorkie x Jack Russell)

“Even in the first weeks we noticed a difference. We now have a very obedient and happy dog, the difference is remarkable. We’re totally chuffed to bits! Thank you.”

Merle Hull and Shep ( Border Collie )

“I am so pleased I was recommended to Sarah. She has been a real star…It’s as if I have another dog. He wouldn’t let you put his lead on and was very possessive. Now he has his lead on like a normal dog and we are able to take things off him. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who has a problem pet, she is marvellous.”

Merle Hull and Shep ( Border Collie )

“I am so pleased I was recommended to Sarah. She has been a real star…It’s as if I have another dog. He wouldn’t let you put his lead on and was very possessive. Now he has his lead on like a normal dog and we are able to take things off him. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who has a problem pet, she is marvellous.”

Julie Rose and Fleet ( Border Collie )

“Couldn’t ask for better at all. A great service and real value for money”


Jennifer Dee and Cloud ( Border Terrier )

“The home visit and the unlimited time for talking were immensely valuable. These allowed the advice to be really relevant to my own situation and my own dogs…. I was greatly reassured and helped by Sarah’s advice, especially as I tend to be over anxious! ….I had been given different advice by different trainers, none of which really helped. I felt Sarah really understood Cloud and saw how to deal with him – and I was impressed by how well her methods worked.”

Tracy Blair with Tag and Barney (Collie X Lab)

“The improvement in Tag has been fantastic. There is no weeing during the day at all and most nights are dry too. He seems much more relaxed and both Tag and Barney are much improved on lead walks. Thank you so much for your help – everything suddenly makes sense!”

Jenny Scott and Perdy (Bernese Mountain Dog)

“Perdy now jumps in the car after walking nicely down the drive! This appears nothing less than a miracle after nearly 3 years! But it only took 5 days! She also waits at the door and gate without any reminder. There is even small progress with the door. I only have to appear in the hallway and the barking stops. All in all I would say after 2 weeks the progress is very good. Thank you.”

Dan Hodges with Molly and Tilly (West Highland Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier)

“In general we are really impressed with how the dogs are behaving, they seem like different dogs! We really do appreciate what you have done.”

Vic and Denise Davis with Phoebe (Maltese)

“I thought you would like to know that Phoebe is doing really well…She is learning to love her bed and she is getting very good regarding doors and not jumping on furniture. Her feeding is so much better, in fact she has eaten every meal for the last two weeks. We are very pleased with her progress so far.”

Lisa Taylor and Jake (Llasa Apso) who had severe grooming issues (fear aggression).

“We found Sarah excellent in all aspects of her approach to Jake and me, and in helping us to make our way forward with each other. Could not have done it without her.”

Haidy Mansfield and Miles – Lakeland X Patterdale Terrier

Murphy the Weimeraner

Issues were: pulling very badly on the lead, possessive aggression towards his owners over his food and bed, guarding the house and garden

“I just wanted to say thank you ……..we have been putting into practise your advice of last week and I have to say the improvement is great. Miles is definitely responding a lot better to me now….walking is much better and he is getting the hang of healing and coming back – on and off the lead – and he has significantly reduced the amount of attention he pays to cars/bikes/people etc. I am very proud of him.”

Maria, Paul and Lukas – Murphy the Weimeraner

Hi Sarah,

I just wanted to give you an update on Murphy.

I have to say it’s fantastic! It’s like having a different dog in the house. We’ve been following your instructions with regards feeding, coming in, and generally spending more time with Murphy. He’s being walked a lot more, which is making such a difference, but with him being more receptive, it’s making it a pleasure to do.

He’s learning quickly and use of the E-collar has lessened considerably. The figure of 8 lead is also brilliant!

So I just want to say a big thank you and we will definitely continue in this manner with Murphy.

Faith Salmon and Buddy – Dalmation

“We took on a deaf Dalmatian 2 year dog who thought he was boss, suffered from separation anxiety, was stressed (paced around continuously and who was extremely aggressive to other dogs). We got to the point with him that we really thought we’d have to take him back to the rescue home, he was destroying our house, upsetting the neighbours with his barking and we really struggled to walk him because of his agressiveness. We decided we had to try one last thing, which was to get Sarah in. Well right from the moment she arrived there was changes in him, we didn’t realise we were reinforcing all his issues by how we were treating and reacting to him.

Within weeks of Sarah’s visit Buddy was like most other dogs, calm, well behaved, we can leave him in the house alone and now we can even let Buddy off the lead on every walk and he never ever even growls at another dog, it’s been amazing and Sarah most definitely saved Buddy from going back to the rescue centre. I would definitely recommend anyone with any behavioural issues with there animals get Sarah in- she’s absolutely brilliant!!”

Willow the cat (owned by Lauren Stone) Issues were: very nervous, scratching the carpet, toileting in the house

Willow has been a joy to have once again after Sarah’s visit, she seems a much happier cat and so much more content. Overall a very good service that I would recommend to others.

Barney – 8 year old Springer Spaniel – male

“We have had Barney since a puppy and over the years he has gradually got more and more aggressive with both ourselves and other dogs. 90% of the time he is a loving dog but the other 10% he was aggressive and unpredictable. We had him castrated to see if this would help when he was 4 years old but there was no change. It got to the point where we could not put him in the car or get him out again to go for a walk with out him trying to bite us. He slept where ever he wanted to (our bed or the sofa included) and we could not move him with out him trying to bite us. He was aggressive to other dogs (male / female, young or old). We knew that a lot of his aggression was as a result of how we were with him but it was now at the stage where we could not correct him without him biting us

We tried various classes, we tried other dog trainers and behaviourists and none of them could help. When the last behaviourist we saw said he was the most horrendous dog she had ever seen we were beginning to give up hope and we were considering having him put to sleep.

Then another vet recommended Sarah at The Pet Experience. Sarah was Barney’s last hope. Sarah’s home visit and subsequent help and advice has been outstanding. I appreciate some people are against the spray collar but for us it enable us to break Barney’s aggression and after only two corrective sprays from Sarah he no longer attempted to get on the sofa or bed. Sarah gave us a full brief on when and how to use the collar and we have only used the spray four times since. Sarah also gave us a great deal of assistance with other instructions and commands. With Sarah’s help for instance we are now able to use the ‘leave’ command in many different ways, it has enabled to go for walks without Barney being aggressive to other dogs (he walks straight by). He also now gets in and out of the car with the minimum of fuss.

All that said it did not happen over night and we still have the odd set back. However, with Sarah’s comprehensive written guidance and advice we have persevered daily. It has given us both hope for a very long future with Barney. Thanks so much once again for all your help and advice and ultimately enabling us to get our dog back!”

Jess – 5 year old Doberman with severe fear aggression towards other dogs

”Sarah I just want to say I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and patience with Jess. When I am not in the middle of the stressful situation with the other dogs in class and I sit and think at home I can see how much Jess has improved. She is so much improved once she knows the other dogs and settles. I admire and respect the way you do not give up,  in fact at moments its me who would give up and I am  somewhat ashamed of that.

I also admire the fact that you are open and honest about the use of the ecollar. I think many trainers who believe as you do would keep that fact a secret but you take the time to explain and stand by your reasons. Also the other people in your class do not make me feel  unwelcome and a pest. I think that is also down to way you conduct your class as the lead does come from the top. I hope you realise the good you do. So thank you once again I will try really hard to put your instruction into practise and give it my best. Yours  in gratitude, Doris with Jess

Bruce – Doberman – issues were: problems on the lead, eating everything off the streets, nervous of people and crowds, excessive mouthing, hyperactivity, chewing furniture.

Hi Sarah,

Just wanted to give you a quick update on progress thus far following your initial consultation.

Initial progress is that it’s a different dog, did someone swap him in the night – LOL :-)

His walking on the lead is massively different, after just a few days he needs very few corrections even on long walks, he now goes at a good stride, the hoovering has completely stopped and he really only needs correcting if he gets excited by other dogs (this isn’t too bad) or if he’s walked near or through a noisy crowd.

The mouthing has dramatically reduced, not completely stopped but certainly very good progress in the right direction.

He now lies quietly in the living room with 5 or 6 people with the lead on, still becomes over excited if you take it off, but quietens again if you put it back on so we’ll keep working on this.

We have bought him a few cuddly toys which he has great fun killing and then tearing limb from limb, but it’s better than the carpets or furniture.

Overall a very successful week, so thanks again for your help.

Kind regards

Chris – The Channel Guest House

Izzy – Westie – issues were too many to mention!

Hi Sarah,

just wanted to say thank you for spending so much time with us and for such a brilliantly comprehensive plan! I am sticking to it and we are making progress each day.

Thanks again, Louise.

Benjie – Cocker Spaniel – issues were: hyperactive, no recall from play, excessive barking both in and out of the house, general disobedience.

Hope you are keeping well – Benjie and I are doing fine. When you were here last, we discussed Benjie’s barking at cats and other dogs when on the lead.  The barking at other dogs has all but disappeared, I just kept saying ‘no barking / quiet’ and walked on – he has responded well.  I asked my neighbour if he barks out doors if I am out and she assured me he does not usually bark at all!  Indoors he was barking at anyone/thing that passed window but now I only have to say ‘quiet’ and he stops.  We are still working on this garden barking at cats and for safety I take him to and from car on lead.

He still enjoys unloading the w/mchne and now if I drop anything, he will pick up for me and hand it back, stretching to me as he knows it is no good dropping it on the floor – this includes keys, purse, any items belonging to me and he gets the post if I ask.   He loves his ball games, retrieving a toy hidden in the woods/or around the house and playing with any of the dogs we meet at Lodmore or the beach (anywhere for that matter) – unless I call him away. I use the whistle which I am so glad you recommended.  When he is swimming off down a river or out to sea, I can recall him  easily without screeching in panic!!

I also go to Abbots. Gdns where dogs must be on the lead as there are ground birds and he has learned not to lunge after them. I do find now that when off the lead, he doesn’t wander too far and turns and waits for me.  If he does run off for an exploration, he soon comes back.

I am thoroughly enjoying him now. We have also done quite a bit of work with behaviour around young children, several frightened children have ended up stroking him (with the parents there of course) .

I would highly recommend the one to one service The Pet Experience offers, especially to anyone who, like me cannot be sure of attending all the training courses. (Retired, not totally fit) I was quite nervous of having a dog – really because I wasn’t sure I could cope and I wanted to give the dog the best life I possible could.   I  found the personalized programme for Benjie has not only seen him and me through his puppyhood but I have been able to build on that initial plan and following Sarah’s follow up I feel we are progressing very well (Benjie is now 2yrs).  I have spent many hours training and play training with him and I do go back to basics now and then which I would also recommend.  Using the whistle has been wonderful – having poor lungs myself.  I am really enjoying my dog and know that if there are hitches, I can still phone Sarah.  I can take Benjie where there are crowds and know he will behave, he is friendly towards other dogs and because I have been able to grow in confidence, I can trust him – he loves exploring and swimming but I know he will come back to me. He walks well on the lead and knows that my pace of walking alters and he responds. He helps me in various ways and this all comes from the initial excellent help I was given in the beginning.  When I was teaching, I use to tell students I could do so much but it was up to them to learn, I couldn’t do that for them.  So it is I feel with dog training – Sarah can give the knowledge/experience/plan but we have to be confident and determined enough to follow through with our lovely pet!

Thank you again.

Liz Harding

OSCAR – Chocolate Labrador – issues were: pulling on the lead, would not recall from playing with other dogs:

Hi Sarah

Thanks for the email regarding the Diamond course but I think thats enough training for Oscar now.  We have done 4 classes this year and was over the moon he passed his gold especially after I was going to give up after week 1.

The week of the spray collar seems to have had a good effect on Oscar and his disobedience on recall from playing with other dogs. He is now very good at coming away on the leave command and is now a pleasure to walk him, not us chasing after him all the time.

Thanks for all your help and will definitely recommend your classes to anyone I meet on our walkies.


Gill and Oscar x


Paddy – Springer Spaniel X – ball obsessive, pulled on the lead, hyperactive

Hi Sarah

Just wanted to thank you for your really excellent session yesterday, it was great to get your opinions and suggestions re Paddy. We’ve taken him out twice since then without using a ball – he was a bit bemused to start with, but this morning it was like he’d been let off the ball fetching hook and went happily on his walk just doing doggy things! He’s calmer too not having balls in the house.Thanks again, we’ll be in touch if we need any more assistance. Very best wishes,

Alice, Jon and Paddy.

Lilly & Buffy – Staffie & JRT – fighting each other, recall issues, dominance issues:

Hi Sarah

Thank you for sending through the report. It’s quite interesting how the two dogs have responded to the basics. Lilly is an angel and does absolutely everything she can to co-operate and please. Buffy as predicted is awful and really hard work. She is really annoyed i think that she has been rumbled after such a long time, with us thinking that Lilly was the problem – Jack Russells eh? lol! But all told both dogs have improved dramatically in just a few days which is so encouraging so many thanks for that.

Kindest Regards

Alison and Ian

Teagan – Border Collie – stressed & insecure, barked and screamed when owners left the room, recall issues:

Hi Sarah

Thank you so much for your visit yesterday and all your good advice.  We have been putting it into practice and I actually managed to leave the house this morning without Teagan having a tantrum!  I told her to go in her bed and every time she began to bark I made that tsk noise.  That happened about 3 times and then . . . Silence!  Wonderful :-) …  I let her off the lead in the meadows and, even though we came across another collie whose owner had a ball and slinger, she stayed close by and came back on the lead when I wanted her to.  She is already calmer and less stressy.

Thank you for your comprehensive report – we appreciate the hard work you have put in on our (and Teagan’s) behalf.

Best wishes

Jenny and Tom

Kathy McCann with Lola the GSD – After a Behaviour Counselling session for dog aggression and first training class:

“Just thought I’d let you know – fantastic morning at the class.  Must admit I was slightly nervous how Lola would be – but basically Stacie said that she would never have known that she had fear agression!  Guess my work over the last few weeks, based on what you showed us, has paid off!  Lola was pretty excited – think it was probably just being around the other dogs so I am hoping that next week she will show what she can really do!  Thanks again!!”

Tracy Blair and Archie the Black Lab – After a Behaviour Counselling session and hire of the spray collar to help resolve recall issues and jumping up at other people on walks:

“The week we hired the spray collar was on the whole a lovely one J

Archie responded well all week, leaving other dogs when told and playing really nicely with no jumping up at the owners. It was fantastic to have the confidence to let him play and wonderful to watch……..

All other aspects going well, sits and stays outside front door until let in and he’s calming down quite quickly when visitors come to the house (we are still putting him on a lead), waiting nicely in a down for his food etc….. Thanks again.”

Christov Brooks-Brown with Bailey the Weimeraner – 3 days after a Behaviour Counselling session for various issues, including seperation anxiety, stress and fear aggression with other dogs and strangers:

“Sarah, thank you so much for coming into our lives!!!!!!  You have no idea what a different dog he is since even Monday afternoon!  We have been totally committed to putting into place all your recommendations and it has been so positive. Bailey is so calm now – no more pacing. We got the stair gate but it’s not really needed as by extension of all the other behaviour stuff he doesn’t even try to come upstairs! Since Monday evening he has been shut in the utility room at night and no moaning whatsoever!  And no midnight loo breaks!

Muzzle: we’ve been muzzle training about ten times a day round the home. This afternoon I sat with him in the garden and he wore it for half an hour without so much as a sniff. This evening, his basket was in the front room with us. We settled him in then muzzled him during ‘the apprentice’ and he just fell asleep.  At dinner times he just goes to sleep in his basket while we eat. Amazing.”

David & Linda Smith with Benjy the Newfoundland – After a Behaviour Counselling session and training classes:

“I want to thank you for all the help you have been with Benjy, without it I sincerely think we would have sent him back. Instead we have a lovely boy who we love, he might need a bit more training, but life is good with him….Thank you Sarah”

Sharon Randall with Alice & Ciddy the Irish Wolfhounds – 9 days after a Behaviour Counselling session:

“Just a note to say thank you so much for all your advice on your visit.  We are already seeing vast improvements in Ciddy and Alice’s behaviour. They are learning very quickly what is and isn’t good behaviour. We have so much more control on our walks and I am really starting to enjoy them both.  Alice appears much more settled and relaxed and I think Ciddy is finding his place in the family. We have been walking for an hour in morning in forest with some training and lead work and in the afternoon we have 5-10 minutes of tricks and then a lead walk around the roads and paths. They sit while dinner is prepared and then sit in front of bowls until told to eat! Wonderful!  Many thanks Sarah.”

Hettie Harrower with Barry the Terrier X – After a Behaviour Counselling session for stress, separation anxiety and grooming/handling issues and vet phobia:

“Thought I’d drop you a line to let you know how Barry and me are managing the behaviour programme!

In just under 3 weeks Barry has made excellent progress and so have me and Sue!!  Barry now spends his night in his magical bed in the kitchen overnight with no protest at all. He smiles at me when I go in in the morning and is calm. He is jumping up a lot less, with the occasional reminder where needed. When I pick him up after work he mostly comes to greet me then goes straight to his bed!!

Barry is certainly learning manners when it comes to going through doors. He is nearly at the stage when he will automatically wait for the human to go through….

Barry’s stress levels have reduced considerably and he appears to be very happy and a lot more relaxed :)  This has also coincided with a change in diet back to Fish4Dogs and J Wellbelloved wet mixed in.  Barry’s bed is firmly his friend!!! He absolutely loves it and he definitely feels safe.(He likes the magical treats too!!!!)

..… Barry is gradually learning that he doesn’t need to follow people around although this still needs some work.

Grooming and examination is improving slowly. I can now hold his claws with the clippers in the same hand. Grooming does not seem so bad to him any more.

We have all been to the vets 3-4 times a week since our session. Barry doesn’t bat an eyelid about going in there now. He has even accepted a treat off one of the nurses! We are yet to tackle the vet table but he has been in the examination room. He is getting good at standing on the scales and he’s lost a bit of weight already!!

Friends and family are very supportive and I am VERY pleased with his progress to date…..Thank you”

Training Class Testimonials

Mabel – English Pointer – puppy classes

We have just finished our novice classes with Siobhan. Mabel is our 3rd dog, and we wish we had taken the others to training classes. Siobhan led the classes in a gentle way, with plenty of humour, and her knowledge and experience shone through. It was very enjoyable and reassuring for us all, and it has given us a good foundation to continue with further training.

Many thanks .

David & Anne

Tracey Drage and Buddy (JRT X)

“The course was friendly and effective, well run.”

Sarah Fox and Ozzie (Black Lab)

“Thank you for all your help – the course has made us all enjoy Ozzie so much more!”

Lyn Palmer and Rosie

“I found the course very helpful and good value as Rosie the Greyhound was very difficult to train.”

Amanda and Molli (Cocker Spaniel)

“It was good fun and Molli enjoyed it too. Sarah has a lovely way with the dogs and used tried and tested methods which worked with patience. Mollie was very young and extremely excitable… Molli is now calmer and safer when we are out…..The group wasn’t too large, it was at an accessible venue at a good time, Sarah was patient and very helpful with any questions I had about Molli’s progress.”

Jan Hinton and Sakari (Northern Inuit)

“I know that this breed is quite difficult to train but feel that she has responded really well to the methods used.”

Julie Rose and Fleet (Border Collie)

“The courses were great, not too many in each class. Two helpers in each class. Always there to answer any questions and took an interest in everyone’s dogs. Love the folders everyone got too!”

Gill Welch and Alfred (Lurcher)

“I loved the course. Sarah and Cormac were both fantastic and very helpful. The training methods were very good and very easy to understand with small classes and more individual attention.”

Bid Whittet and Daisy (Labradoodle)

“I particularly like having the dogs thought process explained to me – it helps make sense of her behaviour.”

Rachel Membury and Megan (Black Lab)

“I’m so glad I came across The Pet Experience, I just wish I had started Megan in the puppy class… I am very pleased with the help and guidance I have received … it’s refreshing to deal with professional but down to earth trainers. The course has been of great benefit to Megan and I, and we now enjoy more controlled walks.”

Gracie Lou Simmonds and Ollie the Newfoundland – After coming to the Weymouth training classes (Bronze and Silver):

“Just to say….
I’m completely amazed by these classes and so enjoying with Ollie. Stacie does a great job handling all of us and her knowledge is fantastic with helping each and everyone with calmness yet assertiveness for our learning to train our pets to your high standard. 
I met Stacie at ringcraft class I attended & was looking for more training.
 I cant say enough how I’m blow away by what Stacie does for us all!! 
And I cant wait to learn more….she makes training our pets so easy & enjoyable.”

Lucy Woodhouse with Biscuit & Visa the Labradors – After a one-to-one training session:

“Thank you for this. Your help today has been brilliant. I’m sure I can see a difference already. We look forward to booking with you again.”

Elvira Boden with Scooter the Patterhuahua – After attending Novice training classes in Yeovil:

“Just thought I should let you know that I have learnt a lot in the small amount of time I have been coming to your lessons, it’s been very valuable. THANK YOU.

Have a good Christmas, and once again thanks.”

Residential Course Testimonials

Val and Donna Lucas

10-day Residential Training – Perkins (Black Lab)

Main training issues were: Recall, Pulling on the lead, Heelwork, not coming back from distractions such as playing with other dogs.

“Both ourselves and Perkins benefited from the course. The Pet Experience were very helpful and they are always on hand to give advice. We would always recommend them.”

Jo Hunt

4-week Rehab (Residential) – Bertie the Beagle

Issues to be resolved were: Recall (which was zero!), chasing and follwing scents, possessive aggression to people (i.e. unable to take items away from him or go near him when eating), general disobedience and not listening to commands.

“We are now a lot stronger with Bertie though some guidelines have slipped to fit in with our lifestyle. We have and will recommend The Pet Experience to others – we cannot praise you both enough.”

Sara Shingleton and her rescue dog Padraig.

The following is an excerpt from a letter I received from Padraig (pronounced Porrig), an Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, on his return from a 10 day residential course to help with Separation Anxiety issues.

“Thank you so much for looking after me last week. I’ve been a really good boy since I got home. No barking and getting up as late as 8am! My mummy has even been able to go out for a whole morning without me! Love and licks, Padraig.”

Mr & Mrs Turner,

Greta the Doberman

“A great improvement in behaviour… Much better with young children and barks much less at uninvited callers. Appears to have completely lost her fear / annoyance at bicycles and cyclists!”

Patrick and Rebecca Gubbins

Tarka – Black Labrador – 8 months old.

Issues – pulling on the lead, jumping up at everyone, picking up litter, general over-excited behaviour.

“Hi Sarah, we just wanted to say you are a star and so is Tarka. You have made our gorgeous dog even more gorgeous! I did a lead walk this morning and she was perfect. No sniffing or picking up litter. We passed a walker and dog and we just walked on by. Last night she picked up an empty plastic drinks bottle and I shouted ‘leave it!’ – she just spat it out! And she hasn’t jumped up at us once. Thanks again.”

Pet Education Centre Testimonials

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