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Pet Food Supplies Testimonials

We have been buying our dog food and accessories from ‘the pet experience ‘ for years and have always found Cormac and his staff very helpful and friendly. We have had advice on food and other related subjects and have been extremely pleased with the results. Great shop with plenty of choice. Fantastic customer experience. Thank you

Keep up the good work!
Lee, Jo and Bella

Hi Cormac
Further to our last e.mail conversation ….
I’m EXTREMELY PLEASED to let you know that Arnie’s health is so much improved since you advised me about his age and feeding.
His poos are back to normal and he has much more energy now instead of dragging along ….THANK YOU SO MUCH for your wonderful supportive guidance.
Thank you sooooo much

My doberman was a difficult dog to cater for. He really struggled to put on weight but also has a bit of a sensitive stomach. I tried several different (more expensive) foods before I met Cormac and he recommended Easterbrook’s. Since then his weight has stabilised and his coat couldn’t be more glossy. The food is great and the service always friendly and helpful. Sol

I have two greyhounds that both have sensitive stomachs.I changed to this food over a year ago and have not looked back.Both dogs always have glossy coats and the infamous greyhound wind is a thing of the past.Always get top service and delivery is always quick. Cormac is a top guy who goes that extra mile for his customers. Roy

This has gone down very well with our three oldies, it contains good maintenance ingredients for them and has given them all soft and silky coats too. It has also improved their digestion, which is very important as they get older. It must be tasty as our fussy dog, Poppy drools over it and cannot wait until dinner times! Lynsey

We have 2 greyhounds, Prince 10 and Jo 8. Jo was having ongoing trouble with blocked anal glands so the vet suggested a change of diet. The re-homing centre suggested I contact Cormac to discuss a suitable alternative. Well – they haven’t looked back! Prince is enjoying a second childhood and Jo, who was quite buzzy, is even more so; they look so well now and are really enjoying life. The health and vitality of both dogs is obvious to others too – Prince was placed 2nd at a recent greyhound dog show and Jo got 6th and she’s never been placed before! Maggie

Ideal treat for my dog who has a sensitive digestion. He loves them. I alternate between these and the bone treats. They are excellent value. Pity they don’t do a similar Burn’s Keltie as they fit nicely into a the Kong toys!

Great value food, which is tasty and filling (so my dogs’ bowls tell me!). The large kibble is good for our hungry pups and has helped to slow them down eating and improved their digestion! They also have lovely, soft coats. Lynsey

Jinx is an 8 year old Weimaraner & a beloved family pet. Being a Weimaraner she is very active & if not walking we are out running or cycling with her. Jinx has travelled extenisvely around the UK & also to Germany and Canada. During these moves we have been unable to give Jinx the same food. On returning to the UK in June 2011 our first stop was to Weymouth. We urgently needed to get Jinx some good dog food. My family had heard about The Pet Experience shop and so we called in and we purchased our first 15kg bag of Easterbrook’s. Jinx loved the food & since then we have ordered bags of food each month which are delivered to my door in Wiltshire. I always thought she would get bored with the same food but twice a day she is fed & each time cannot wait until we put her bowl down, all too soon the bowl is clean. I’m very grateful for the ease of being able to order Jinx’s dog food with a phonecall and within a couple of days it is on my doorstep. Clare

We have two lively 2 year old Labs, Daisy and Charlie. Daisy had been on a different well know breed specific food since we brought her home at 8 weeks. Charlie came to us as a rescue and was on the same food initially. We made the decision to move over to Easterbrook’s after discussing it most thoroughly with the guys at The Pet Experience. Both Daisy and Charlie loved it. There was no problem with swapping it over and cannot rate the food and the advise highly enough. Their coats are glossy, they are active, fit and healthy dogs. What more could you ask for. Thanks to the Pet Experience. Jo

I rescued 2 greyhounds in May 2011, both with delicate tums. The rescue centre advised me to contact Cormac re a hypoallergenic food. I discussed this with Cormac and from the word go was so impressed with his knowledge and advice. As a result I ordered Super Premium Adult Salmon & Potato. Within 7-10 days the change in both of them was remarkable, no longer was I scraping up a pancake but scooping lumps! Not only has this had a positive effect on their tums but I truly believe it has helped in improving the conditions of their coats and general well being. I have also ordered feeding bowls & stands, again getting the correct ones with advice from Cormac, he was at the end of the phone with a tape measure measuring the bowls for me! All of which have been delivered quickly and of excellent quality and very reasonably priced. I highly recommend the food & also The Pet Experience, I just wished I lived nearer as I would so like to physically visit the shop and meet the staff! Jayne B

Hi Cormac Just a few lines to let you know how our dogs (Lulu & Lexi) are doing after changing to Easterbrook’s Super Premium Adult Salmon & Potato dog food. Since we started using it in July 2010, we have been amazed at the change in the condition of their coats, they’re now beautifully glossy, and they now no longer smell “doggy” and are a lot calmer. You’ll also be pleased to know that at the Margaret Green Animal Rescues’ Companion Dog Show in August 2011 Lexi won 1st prize in the “Best Condition Bitch” class, whilst Lulu not to be out-done came 3rd in “Prettiest Bitch” class. We put this down in part to their Mum & Dad knowing what’s best to feed them on and the odd brushing!!!!! Kind regards, Lee and Lin.

My two Pointers will eat anything, so in an effort to cut costs, I started feeding them on a mid price £20 per 15 Kg bag of dried food. After 2 bags, about 2 months, I had dogs that were turning into maniacs; chewing the door frame, barking at anyone or anything, losing weight and generally driving us mad, and they were pooing vast quantities of soft, ‘not easy to pick up’ poo! Cormac diagnosed an overdose of Maize, which they were unable to digest properly. Following his advice, we immediatley switched to Easterbrooks Salmon and Potato and within less than a week, they became calmer, more content, less pooy dogs, although they have still not regained the weight they lost…..maybe I should try Maize! Thanks Cormac and Sarah, your advice has been so very constructive. Amanda

Cormac is a lovely pleasant person to deal with, even over email. He always gave me brilliant advice when I contacted him and answered my queries promptly and professionally. I adopted my dog a few weeks before Christmas and was recommended to try Easterbrook’s as I wanted good, quality food at a good price. I have a lovely, healthy dog with no ‘doggy’ smell and firm poos. Thank you! Vanessa E

Just wanted to say I’m really impressed with your service. Delivery was lightening quick, ordering was easy, my spaniel loves it, I can afford it but with no need to compromise on quality. I really am impressed and will be ordering again! Thank you. Thomas

It was my lucky day when I came across The Pet Experience. I went in to buy my crazy, hyperactive 3 year old collie his usual bag of dried food & got into conversation with Cormac who was very helpful & knowledgeable. When I mentioned the food I’d gone in to buy Cormac suggested that I try Easterbrook’s. On comparing the ingredients I couldn’t believe how superior it was. I bought a bag & over the next week gradually introduced it. Archie loved it! Before he had no enthusiasm at all. His coat is now very shiny, it is easy to clean up after him & more importantly, he has become a much calmer more manageable dog. It isn’t too expensive; certainly much cheaper than the well known makes and it is an excellent delivery service. Thank you Cormac for all your helpful advice. You have made such a difference to our lives. He still has moments but compared to what he was like before he started Easterbrook’s he is an angel! Linda N

Hello Cormac

I just thought I’d let you know that both Prince and Jo won rosettes at the Clarks Farm Dog Show yesterday. Jo had never won a rosette before and Prince had been out of luck for several years. We can only put it down to the change of food as they both look fantastic now; Prince (10), has lost a bit of weight and has much more energy; Jo,(8), always a buzzy little body but her coat is great.

So thank you for your advice re. appropriate food, Maggie P.

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