Coronavirus COVID-19 Update. Essential businesses to stay open. Pet shops classed as Essential Businesses.
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Coronavirus Update


Are we staying open?

Given the PMs press conference and in light of his comments, I have had a number of people contact me this evening asking if we will be staying open.

As we, the general public, are still allowed to shop for basic necessities such as food, I cannot see a reason why we cannot remain open.
*Update as at 6am 24th March – Government confirms Pet Shops are classed as essential and are allowed to stay open during the lock down*

If all pet shops were to close, dogs & cats in particular would have to be fed on human food. This would put even greater pressure on the human food supply and be likely to cause further supply problems at the supermarkets. After all, there are a lot of dogs and cats etc in the UK!

That said, both our customers and staff have a key role in making this work and minimising as much as possible the risks.

So, following on from previous posts on this topic please adhere to the following when coming to The Pet Experience:

*Social Distancing – try to keep a 2 metre clear space around you at all times whenever possible. Especially at the shop counter when paying for goods.

*Personal Hygiene – wash hands very frequently through the day and use hand sanitisers wherever possible.

*Pay for your shopping by contactless payment as a priority if possible then by chip and pin. Only using cash as a last resort.

*Only shop for essentials like food. Do not spend unnecessary extra time browsing as this increases the risk to both other customers and staff alike.

*Enter the shop alone if possible so as not to increase risk by entering with friends/children etc. We will help you carry your food to the car.

We will be continuing our ongoing cleaning and personal hygiene as well as promoting good Social Distancing whenever possible.

We are at war with COVID-19. Just because we cannot see this enemy does not mean we cannot be injured or killed by it. These are extreme times. Extreme times call for extreme measures. Please help us to fight Coronavirus COVID-19 and stop it getting a foothold in our county and our towns.

Should we be forced to close, I have contingency plans in place to ensure your pets are kept fed and healthy.

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for future updates.



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