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What is the best dog food for sensitive stomachs?

Established in 2007, The Pet Experience is a specialist nutrition centre. As specialists we are faced with a variety of questions about dog food and cat food every day. And it’s not just which dog food is best for sensitive stomachs:

  • Can dog food make your dog smell?
  • Which dog food is best for puppies?
  • What is the best cat food?
  • Dog food vs raw food
  • Can dog food cause itching?
  • What is the best dog food?
  • Why is my dog a fussy eater?

To help answer these questions we stock a wide range of premium, hypoallergenic & scientific diets. As every dog and cat is different, there isn’t one food that suits all pets. Moreover, the amount of information and products on the market is immense. Because of this it can be confusing (and expensive!) when it comes to choosing the right food. So in an effort to simplify the process we have produced two distinct own-label brands of pet food – Easterbrooks and Teepee Grain Free. Both hypoallergenic and as you can see from our feedback, they have proven to be very effective in helping to manage sensitive tummies and dodgy digestion!


Easterbrooks Large Breed Adult Hypoallergenic Dog Food kibble beside a 5p coin

Hypoallergenic dog food for large breed dogs to help crunching, digestion and skin problems.

Easterbrooks has been settling tummies since it’s launch in 2009. Made using no artificial additives, it is a premium, hypoallergenic pet food. All ingredients used are ‘Grade A’ human consumption standard to ensure that they are highly digestible and nutritious. There is a wide range of flavours to suit even the most fussy eaters! In addition, we stock a number of different biscuit sizes to suit all mouths, from small dogs to large dogs.


In 2016 Teepee was launched. It is completely Grain Free as well as being made to the same high standards of Easterbrooks. As a result it is well suited to animals with acute skin or digestion issues. This is highly relevant when they haven’t had success on standard hypoallergenic diets. In addition, it is a high meat content food with between 50%-80% meat content (depending on the flavour and variety). A large part of the meat used is fresh meat. This greatly improves the smell and flavour of the food making it an excellent food for fussy eaters.

Teepee undergoes a different cooking process to Easterbrooks thanks to its higher quality meat content. Gentle steam cooking at lower temperatures retains as much goodness as possible. As a result it is ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs and skin requiring a hypoallergenic diet. Unlike other grain free diets, the main carbohydrate source used for Teepee is sweet potato. Sweet potatoes have a range of benefits in pet food, not least the ability to help control insulin regulation.

Teepee Grain Free Dog Food Lamb label

Teepee Grain Free dog food. Excellent for managing dodgy digestion and itching in dogs.

Better than the rest?

Easterbrooks & Teepee are great alternatives to more expensive brands of hypoallergenic dog food. Switching from Nature’s Way, Eden, Wainwrights or Symply etc is easy with no compromise in taste or quality. There can also be big savings. If you are feeding a supermarket dog food such as Bakers or Pedigree, Easterbrooks and Teepee can offer a much higher quality diet. Most importantly, this higher quality leads to smaller portions, healthier pets and long term savings. So you can say goodbye to diarrhoea, dodgy digestion, itchy skin and sensitive tummies!

Free Delivery

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